Tuesday, July 17


Finally!! A picture of something new...it's about time!
I consider myself to be amongst the living again after being sick for 5 days. The worst part--I was sick...really sick on a Friday which meant I burnt a sick day to actually be SICK! I haven't had to do that in years! I prefer to use my sick days as "mental health" days. Days that we take off in our office so that we ensure we stay SANE! I will generally go to work feeling awful just to be able to take a "mental health day" later! After burning the sick day on Friday...yeap...I had to burn the whole weekend! What a shame...next time I am going to work harder at timing it better!

Anyway... I bought one of these little scallop punches that everyone else has...( such peer pressure!!!). I need more...they really are neat and simple to use. This card was for my boss who spent a week in Maine and brought all of the staff back Cape Cod T-Shirts...Mary is the BEST boss ever! (and yes...she approves of those mental health days...she actually started it!!!) All stamps from The Angel Company.


SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

What a cute card, Eva! Love the way you colored those flowers!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card! And, those punches are addicting. Glad you're feeling better!

Mo Moss said...

what a pity to be sick on a "sick day" I use to struggle with that too. Cute card and hope the visit in Maine was good. I heard it rained all last week up there.