Sunday, August 26

An AHAA Moment....

This afternoon I sat down at he kitchen table with a empty scrapbook and my daughters awards, report cards and a few photos from her K-6 grade years. My goal was to get these things into some sort of order and into this book. So using the white pages that were provided in the book ( I can hear your gasps here in Kansas) I began to stick the articles that I had saved over the years on the pages in chronological order. And with in 2 hours, I was done. I will say that it is nothing fancy and I will be going back and writing a letter to my daughter telling her how proud I am of her for all that she has accomplished and become in those first 7 years of school...and yes I will be doing this in the next 2 days. But it is done and she LOVES it! The AHAAA moment was that I realized that I have become way to worried about the art of scrapbooking. If something happened to me tomorrow there would be all of these pictures in boxes and on my computer but none of my thoughts and feelings would remain with them. So here is to the future of Plain Jane scrapping and journaling...after all it is my thoughts,feelings and memories that will be important to my daughter in the future--not what patterned paper or stamp set I used (although I haven't completely lost it...there will be patterned paper).

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Nancy Grant said...

What a sweet creation and for a sweet reason.