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Howdy, a quick little post to share one of several cards I made while de-stashing ink pads this weekend.

I'm bidding farewell to the numerous number of Kaliedacolor ink pads I purchased years ago.I just don't use them and there is a teacher who will get much more use out of them!
Stamps from Neat and Tangled.

Hello Deer

I have adored the deer dies for a very long time. I am not sure what has taken me so long to purchase a deer die, after all, anything the hubs would like should be an immediate purchase. 
I found this Deer Die at Scrapbooks Topeka, Ks while I was there a few weeks ago. 
I have been going there for years and no matter how long between visits, they remember me. I LOVE that place!

The die is an Amy Designs Die, which was new to me...but sometimes I am a little late to the party. I also used the Patterned Triangles stamp from MFT and the sentiment is from a Hero Arts set.

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Instagram MFT Card Round Up #3

Just a few more cards I’ve made over time and only posted to Instagram.
I have to say these are some of my favs! 

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Instagram MFT Card Round Up #2

Apparently several months ago I started a "round up" to post on my blog all the cards that I put on Instagram and fail to then blog....LOL....I have 10 posts waiting to be posted that I forgot about, Bwahaha...
Today, I started "Pinning" my cards to Pinterest and found the posts just a waiting for me to do something with them.

So today, I will start the "round up" again.

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Right At Home Stamps~ National Craft Month Celebration Blog Hop

 I was asked to help Celebrate Nation Craft Month with our friends from 
Right At Home Stamps. A fun blog hop and prizes...who could resist?
 I had the opportunity to attend a StampingAway weekend last fall in Newton, Kansas with a few crafty pals and received this super fun crafty stamp set as part of the SWAG! There is more information at the bottom of this post on how to have a chance to win this fun set.

Here are a couple of shaker cards I made using this stamp set.  

 Before now, I think I had only made one shaker card in my lifetime...sad I know. I went to a stamp party the other night and was taught this awesome trick with a clear envelope/sleeve, that made making a shaker card easy peasy puddin' pie. 
Just complete the panel that you want as your focal point. Then place it inside one of the clear envelopes, folding over the excess on the non-open side and taping down. Then pour your sparkly goodness in the opening, fold over and tape down and you are all set to go. You can add the shaker piece to your card front. Pretty spiffy!!
The second card is more traditional shaker card, using fun foam. 
I used a frame die and cut the frame from the stamped and decorated panel. This allowed the rainbow to be on the frame as well as the focal piece. I used the black fun foam so the dimension would be highly noticeable. If I were going to do more Id probably use white as the foam tends to smoosh out under the pressure of the big shot.  I plan on making a few more of these and giving them to my craft group that meets regularly as a fun little surprise.
You have a chance to win this cute stamp set below at the Right At Home blog by following along on the blog hop and leaving comments as you go. 
Your Next Stop on the Hop is the marvelous Tracey

Here is a list of all the artists participating in the blog hop today
Eva>>> You are here

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A Couple of Recent Fun Ones

So here I am at the blog...preparing for a blog hop for next week. Noticing that I have not blogged in a very long time and I am not sure why. I have drafts with pictures of cards ready to go, labels assigned just now what have I been waiting for??? Not sure.
The card above uses a floral stamp from Altenew and MFT sentiments/die.
For those that hang out on Instagram, these may be old news...or I posted them so long ago they may seem new again. simple and fast, and way more followers so my account says...that's why I have not blogged :). 
This little number, features the Hens from Taylored Expressions Happy Hens set. I love those girls!

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Happy Tuesday blog readers! 
Today, I am sharing a little creation that puts pieces and parts from other cards.
The polka dots add a little graphic detail and fun while the flower adds a pop of color. I layered the die cut "thankful" in black on top of gold!! It turned out so well!
Stamps are Altenew, dies from PTI. 
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Oh Pink, You Sure are Pretty!

Pink is not a color you will tend to see me use a lot. OK...almost never. I'm not sure why but I just don't typically lean to it.
But this stamp set from Altenew made me pull the red/pink color family out.
This card turned out so crisp and refreshing it makes my heart sing!
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Happy Stamping!

A Challenge Card (ctd386)..Who Me???

I am having the best weekend I have had in a while! It was a three day for me with some not so fun but necessary things to do on Friday, but the rest has been a rare gem! Yesterday was a day of fishing with the family for the first time in way to many years. Today was crafting! It doesn't get much better!!! 
I saw this Color Throw Down challenge and decided to play along.

Below is my entry for the challenge...I was super excited to have colors that fit this challenge!

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Instagram MFT Card Round Up

I have realized that I have put a load of cards on Instagram and given the ole blog no love at all. So just on the off chance I have a few blog followers that are not on Instagram, I've decided to do some "dumps" from the IG to my blog.
The card above is one of my recent favs! Fresh , springy colors with the blue that makes it all pop!

Speaking of pop, I need to play with this soda pop set a little more. So little time, so many stamps.

And finally for today, this little bricked background beauty. One of my favorite color combos!
Thanks for stopping by, have a super day!'s 2 am

And, I so can't sleep. Why not update my horrible outdated and overdue blog 😊. 
I tend to spend my time on Instagram these days which ends up leaving my blog a little neglected. I'll have to keep this blog when u can't sleep thing in mind! Today I am showing you some quilted burp rags I made. I started with a jelly roll and have to say the strips were so crooked they couldn't be straightened. I sewed them together anyway and realized the crooked mess could not leave my house! So I cut the baby quilt top down and it is way less noticeable this way! These were even gifted!

This is a top to a blanket that I need to have done in a week. Jelly roll strips in much better shape this time! It took 1.5 years to get my first blanket completed...I'm skeptical of completion after 3 short weeks. I'll post a peak when I'm done!! Thanks for stopping by today!

Hymnal Wreath Tutorial

3 years ago, at our annual fall craft day in little Mentor, one of the attendees brought a  Hymnal Wreath make and take for us to try. Yes, she brought enough of these cones for at least 5 people to create one of these large wreaths!! 

I have had so many compliments on the wreaths, I thought I'd share a tutorial. I believe the success is in the little tips she gave! So grab a cup of java and have a sitz, cause this may get long!

The first thing you need is a card board circle for the base of the wreath. I use cake rounds I buy from Walmart or Hobby Lobby. This is a 16 in round but you can use any size. You will want to find the center.

The last two photos show finding the center by drawing your horizontal and verticle mid lines.

Once you have the center you will need to draw two circles for the layer lines. Yep, thats a pencil, string and a straight pin, pretty high tech and not my favorite, but it works! Precision trammels can be put on a ruler or a yard stick for great results but I have not purchased those yet.

Once you have your two circles (do notice they are not perfect but its OK as long as you are close the cones will do some of the work for you!)

Now for the cones, any hymnal will work. Just pull out the pages and trim up the torn side. 
Making the cones takes a little practice but once you get it, you will be on your way.
Wrap those babies tight.
Below you see what I call a bad cone. Too loose and will not create the structured, professional look you want.

Now, below this text, is a good cone. All wrapped up tight as a bug!

You will need scotch tape to secure the very end of the cone. You should not need to tape at the top if you have the cone well wrapped.

Next, hold the cone in front of you with the top tip facing you just as you would like to see it on the wreath. Pinch the bottom if the cone 1/4 to 1/2 inch is good. Then you will staple the bottom. This will give you a flat piece to glue to the cardboard circle. You will need anywhere from 70-100 cones. depending on the size of your circle. It takes no time at all. Wrap them all, staple them all and on to the next step.

Now....put a hole in the cardboard and if you are really super organized and more decisive than I am, go ahead and put your ribbon that the wreath will be hung with through that hole. Nothing worse than getting all those delicate cones glued down, just to realize you have no way to hang the beauty! True story...and I actually forgot that step initially in the tutorial, good thing I reviewed.

You are ready to get the hot glue gun out and go to work. CAUTION hot glue is HOT!!! I had huge blisters the first year I made these things. You want something to use to be able to push the hot glued tip onto the cardboard. I have used a ruler end or a pencil eraser. Below you will see I used my cricut spatula.  Save your fingers people!!

Now for the glue. Work the outside circle first. I do this in quarter sections that you have after finding the center. I glue a cone on each side of the quarter section using my outer drawn line as a guide. 

I then eyeball the middle of the quarter section I am working on and add another cone. This creates two small sections.

By focusing on small sections the task is much less overwhelming and you will get a nice circle when you are completely finished. 

Cones will vary in width a tad. Working the small sections also allows you to try out the cones you want in each section before glueing them down, this helps to get the "full" look, no big gaps.

Once you finish the outside row, stand back and admire your work...because it is a little work!

Repeat the same process on the inside circle.

Yeah!! You are getting closer!

Now you can add the decorations! I find this part a lot more challenging than the cones. Those round ornaments don't like to sit still! I use glittered snow flakes (Walmart and Hobby Lobby carry them) on the outside around the ornaments.
Here is a look at the finished wreath.

Here a couple smaller wreaths done with 4 inch circles. They still turned out pretty good sized.

These are only one full layer with a few strategically placed to hide some gaps and a few to give added deminsion.

Hopefully this has been helpful! Happy wreath making and Merry Christmas.

OH Birdie, Birdie!

I host a craft day in the fall and winter here in little Mentorville. I was over the moon when I sat down and my friend who was sitting next to me had brought Tim Holtz's Bird Crazy stamps!!! Not only did I fall more in love with them, I think everyone had colored a bird by the end of the day! I colored and paper pieced some birds. This is one of the pieced birds.
Thank you for stopping by my blog!!
Happy stamping!
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