Wednesday, August 22


I am so excited to share this one! I LOVE this and I can finally show it to you all. I had to wait as it was a gift for girlfriend Awna for being such an AWESOME inspiration in my life! Little did I know when I sent it, that her son Logan would get so excited over the bubble wrap and 2 priorty boxes (yes 2...I am challenged by the postal system). I am so glad I made his day. When I made this, I was inspired by the pieces at the gift stores that I have seen much like this I thought I could just make one and it turned out great!

Speaking of Inspired...I noticed that The Angel Company has a new blog TAC Simply Inspired. What insipres me is the fabulous woman who is doing the writing, Debbie. If you are ever at a TAC function and get the opportunity you must meet this amazing woman!! I really enjoyed the time that I was able to spend working with her and I am extremely excited to see that she will be sharing her wisdom and insights with the world. I have linked to the blog in my "favorite blog stops" section so make sure you check it out!


All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

I absolutely LOVED getting this in the mail today. (along with all the other goodies you are spoiling me!)

Eva, you rock!

Thank you, both form me and Logan!!!

Nancy Grant said...

What a blessing you are and you project rocks! It's inspiring!

Karla McConnell said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome projects, Eva. You INSPIRE me!!

Maria said...

This is very inspiring, I have never tried anything like this but I do believe I will have too. I really like this and what at least one for several rooms in my house. Did you use the kamalht paper? It really did turn out beautiful.

Eva you are the best.


Eva said...

Kamalaht paper was my first choice but I had given it all away!! This was a piece of Basic Grey from Motifica....Kamalaht would be perfect!