Thursday, August 30

Skirt Pins

This is a test...a test on my brain! I just wanted to make sure that I could recall what I did last night with my golly I think I've got it etched into the brain now!

This pin is actually an idea that I found on either 2 peas or splitcoast...I LOVE the way they turned out and this is a much better picture to look at over the weekend while I work on projects vs. the last post!

Ahhhh...A three day weekend....what a blessing!


All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

LOVE the pen, my favorite thing from sits right next to all my other goodies upon the "Eva Shrine" in my room :)

xoxo awna,aka: the proud owner of the awna pen!!!

Maria said...

Love this pen, I think I have to case it. I am with Awna on this it desires a shrine.

Hugs, Maria

Nancy Grant said...

Very creative! LOVE IT!