Thursday, September 13

Counting My Blessings....

If you all have not been over to Awna's blog this week- take some time and go over and read. She has a wonderful post that encourages us to count our blessings even on those not so great days.
Reading her blog reminds me that those "not so good days" and the blessings that we are able to identify when things are going a little tough...well they are sent to us from God to remind us of His grace and presence in our life and the promises He has made to us.

So my 5 minute count of blessings today is this...

1. I am blessed to have had such a wonderful "blended" family growing up. By having two mom's and two dad's throughout my life I was blessed twice as much as those who came from a traditional family. The wisdom and life lessons that I learned from each were different but priceless and valuable tools to be used. Along with all the love...I had it GOOD and still do!

2. I am blessed that nurses are nurses...they do what they do because of their love for people and their desire to help others. I am truly blessed that they do not run in fear at the sight of an over anxious crabby woman!

3. I am blessed to have found a church with a pastor...who can bring it home for me each week and help me understand that the path we are on is the path that God has chosen and lead us down but the destination may not be where we think it is going to be...and that is OK because it is all apart of His plan. And most importantly that I need to be content with it...( still working on this but at least I can identify what I need to work on :) )

4. I am blessed to have a home filled with love....Even with an idependence seeking pre-teen we still have moments of laughter and bliss in this house....(this is of course, between those moments of eye rolling and "attitude" that this age group tends to be so fond of)
5. I am blessed to have such a great husband and friend by my side everyday who does not ask for much, expects little and who gives tremendously to this family. He is the glue that keeps us together and keeps things running smoothly...heck...Sam and I wouldn't even make it out of bed to start a day with out him!
6. I am blessed to have awesome friends to share life's ups and downs with...what would we do with out them?
7. Cows are a blessing! I love to see the newborn calves in the fields...they are so cute!
I also encourage you to count your may just end up surprised at what you can come up with!


All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

I love cows too Eva...esp. when they are on my plate with sweet potatoes & A1!!!


Dawn said...

love your thoughts. I am very happy you have a bible loving pastor that is touching you with Gods word.