Sunday, September 9

Oldies but Goodies

I was organizing my "stuff" yesterday and I found this old card front in my stash. I know this set has been retired BUT--I love this card front and thought for the heck of it I would post it. What sealed the deal was my "alarm" this morning that woke me up. You see I have one of these dogs(GSP)....her name is Annie and she is a love. She is also an avid hunter! This morning the temperature was so cool out that she was bouncing off the weather to her means it's time to go hunting...which made me again think of this card front as it is getting closer to the season! I also found a bunch of card fronts that I absolutely adore- most have been published in either a Stampington, Scott Publications or PaperCrafts edition. I will be posting those in my gallery after I finish this post...there are some really cute Halloween cards :).


Trudy Osborn said...

WOW! I love this card! I have such a hard time coming up with good masculine cards.

Nancy Grant said...

I knew I should of got this stamp set! I love what you did with it!!!!