Ahh...The Good Life!

This image just reminds me of the peace and calm that I get when floating in water on a warm summer day..."the good life" feeling. I also was reminded of the "good life" feeling this week when a friend gave me some old pictures from 10-12 years ago. My how everything in life changes (everything except for my sweat pants and sweat shirts that is!). And as I took some time to look back at the pictures and think of the memories, the line from the Garth Brooks song that says... "sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers" came to mind. You see even though I have some good memories from those times, I look back and remember some of the things that I wished, hoped and prayed for and I thank the Lord above that he knew better....because had he answered those prayers....I wouldn't have the GREAT LIFE I have now....Thank You GOD!

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