What's New with You Mr. McGoo?

One might ask what one my list of things to accomplish have I done? Well...I have been able to watch a couple of track meets with out feeling that I had to be somewhere else doing something else with my time. I have finished one book and continue on with the Bible study that I have started over the Old Testament...and I might add that if you want drama...get yourself a paraphrase Bible and read the old testament...cause it has it all...Oh MY! the paraphrase makes it read like a story book! I haven't planted nay flowers yet....may not...not really in the mood cause the bugs always eat them up. Mom purchased not one but two dogs from the pound....pictures to come later. She brought home a one year old full breed bassett hound. His name is Rosco....Rosco is the buffer between the 13 year old yellow lab and the new 10 week old shepard mix (Sugar) that she also found at the pound. MOTHER! A PUPPY??? Oh MY (again). I have also enjoyed a Sunday afternoon drive with the hubby the other day...it has been forever since we took a drive...cause there were always other things that needed to be done. Gotta go...time to tan with Sam. Picture from the track meet.

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