Tea and Candy Canes

This is a great little project that I first saw over on Michelle Wooderson's blog. My friend Melissa will just drool when she sees Michelle's blog! This such a great concept...so fun and easy to make. Mine are a tad different than Michelle's but that just goes to show you can adapt to what is available.

I started with a 3 1/4 x 6 1/2 bag that I found at Hobby Lobby in their cake and cokkie supply isle. These look like mini grocery sacks. I started by stamping the top and then folded the bottom up and satmped on it. Now, these are a tad thicker and there will be spots that are a little harder to stamp...I suggest a shabby/aged look. hit the sides with some sponged on ink and it will all work in. Everything is more noticeable on camera...but in person you dont even pick up on the little "stamp gaps". Once I was done stamping I folded the bag up and sewed down the sides. Now, I will tell ya...my sewing machine was not thrilled with his whole idea as that little sack was a mite thick once folded over...but we slowed down and made it work. Instead of a doilie I used a strip od paper puched with a doilie paper punch and then added the rest of the embellishments. I am sure you could find some great little things to put in the two little compartments of this project. These two things were just what I had in the cupboard. I also have some regulare sized lunch sacks that I am hoping to do this same thing with, maybe I should start on Valentines now so I am half way ready,LOL.

stamps: PTI
ink: L'Amore Palette, green (?)
misc: gems, window punch, snowflake die, doilie punch, mini kraft bags


Diane Jaquay said...

This is such a sweet little gift package! Makes me want to go right to my kitchen and make a cuppa peppermint tea ;)

Jen Carter said...

I like how you improvised and used what you had/could find! This is very cute and I think the snowflake and lace is the perfect touch! Very cute!

Amy said...

Ohh, this is fun! I definitely need to get busy learning to sew so I can do things like this! What a sweet package!

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