Monday, March 21


So, I have decided that I want to buy a new lens for my camera. I messed up my telephoto lens but still have my 18-70mm. Funny thing is that after several (at least 3) years of having my camera, today was my first day to take the setting off of auto and put it on manual. I have been reading about 35 and 50 mm lenses. My goodness there are some GORGEOUS photos out there with those two lenses! What I did notice is that each of them had the shot setting listed and none of those listings stated "auto". So today I decided to play.
Today, aperture and shutter speed made sense...and thus the above photo. No special light---nice and bright, however, now I know how to set the lights to reduce the shadows and still get the flash to work. Evetually, I will get it all figured out. But what fun! I think I could get addicted even if I just only ever mess with those 2 features.
I took a couple of photos of the water running in my sink. It was cool to see the photo you could even see the bubbles in the water.  Below....this can was sitting on the table. yes... the dreaded tabel where I have never been able to take a good photo of anything.  I must say I am pretty impressed,lol.

I have a few more pictures of creations to post on the next few days...and then...well spring fever has hit me. Historically speaking, I think if you go back through my blog, I tend to want to take a break from stamping at this time of the year. I have a girl gathering to go to in April, there should be some good creations that come out of that...and then, I think I am going to play with the camera for a bit.
Stamps: PTI and Glitzy

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Laurie said...

A good camera is a super fun tool isn't it? I sure love mine! And I am still learning after having it for several years!