Hexagons are everywhere and I finally decided to get in the game!
I spent a few hours (ok ALOT) of hours in KC a month ago and could not resist the color combo of this patterned paper. Scrumptious!
I am pretty excited, I purchased a ton of crafting supplies at a garage sale today. Good stuff too! 9 sets of stamps, lots of bling, bling, buttons and 3-D embellishments abot $250 of supplies for $56. A very dear lady from our office, who had a passion for crafting passed away and her family was selling alot of stuff. I have never seen anything like it....so much stuff, seriously she could have stocked the isles of hobby lobby. It was bittersweet. Good deals...but to see items for sale that you gave someone over their lifetime brings a whirl of emotion remembering back to the smiles and laughs of the moments those items were exchanged. It was so very obvious, that she had no intentions of ever being  gone so early...she was well stocked for retirement with supplies. She would bring some items to the office to show us and be bubbling...everything she bought she had an idea on how she was going to use it. So in her honor I will have to make a BIG effort to use what I purchased today.
I must pick up the pace on my crafting for sure!

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