Thursday, March 7

Cake Inspired...

I LOVE Pinterest...but who doesn't!! There are so many really cool things there. The cakes are one of my favorites, but I do have to say, I do not have patience to be a cake decorator.
I think it would be fabulously fun, and if I took classes to learn the tricks I might feel differently.
So instead, why not build cards from those cards!!
The cake pictured above is a picture off of Pinterest. I'd love to say that you can click on the picture and it would link you to the original website but that is not the case. As a matter of fact, I could not find my way to the original owner, so if you are the owner or know who is...and where I can find the original, please leave a comment so I can link up and give credit where credit is due!!
I made two cards from my inspiration piece. I just flipped around the placement of the blue card stock and use crystals instead of pearls along with a different sentiment.
Super simple! 
Thanks for looking! Have a GREAT weekend!!

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Amy Kolling said...

EVA EVA EVA......these are absolutely amazing! I am going to CASE this for sure! I am always needing an elegant type card for anniversary or wedding and these are perfect!!!!!