's 2 am

And, I so can't sleep. Why not update my horrible outdated and overdue blog 😊. 
I tend to spend my time on Instagram these days which ends up leaving my blog a little neglected. I'll have to keep this blog when u can't sleep thing in mind! Today I am showing you some quilted burp rags I made. I started with a jelly roll and have to say the strips were so crooked they couldn't be straightened. I sewed them together anyway and realized the crooked mess could not leave my house! So I cut the baby quilt top down and it is way less noticeable this way! These were even gifted!

This is a top to a blanket that I need to have done in a week. Jelly roll strips in much better shape this time! It took 1.5 years to get my first blanket completed...I'm skeptical of completion after 3 short weeks. I'll post a peak when I'm done!! Thanks for stopping by today!

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