Thursday, June 21

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.---Margaret Cousins

This quote seemed so appropriate for this project. I work in a very busy office that can sometimes, by nature of the field I work I am in, can seem very negative. Our staff has learned that it is not the other staff members that we work with nor the other's we encounter--It is the situations that arise on a daily basis that tend to make a day hard. Once upon a time, we had a box in which we placed thank you notes, nice words about each other, and then read them at our staff meetings. Somehow our box dissappeared and guess who was allowed to make a new one...OK I volunteered! We are calling this one the Can of Appreciation. We all get so busy that we sometimes forget to acknowledge the great things that others do for us...and as the quote says "appreciation can change a life". It is amazing to think that something so simple as sharing a word of appreciation with someone has the ability to change a life...that is truly powerful. And just think with in minutes of waking up or walking out of the front door tomorrow morning you will be in contact with others...more than likely someone you know...and you could make a huge difference in their day and maybe even their life. So tomorrow morning---I am going to tell Lavonne at Green Lantern (my favoite fountain pop stop) how much I appreciate her wonderful smile and friendliness each morning as it starts my day on a positive note--And I encourage you to think of someone who touches your life and show or tell them how much you appreciate them and most importantly why.


Jennifer Carter said...

Another inspiring post!! Thank you for the reminder to not forget about the "small" stuff because it is often those things that can make our day better and brighter!

Stephanie said...

I love this idea:) I tried to comment on a few things but it wouldn't let me log in so I just made a new account so I can tell you how awesome you are:)



Mary Leeson said...

Hi Eva so glad to see your blog!! Your work has always been an inspiration to me - bet you didn't know that, huh? Nice work on your paint can!