Wednesday, June 20


I was looking through my samples and thought the sentiment on this one ("smile") reminded me of so much of my week so far.

Sam had her oral surgery Monday...two pain pills...and that is it! She is such a trooper- I would still be whinning and milking it for what it is worth but she is out there playing softball tonight with her "A" game on. Just one and a half days since the procedure (stitches and pulled teeth) was done and she has her beautiful smile back on.

I am Smiling and Laughing as I read Awna's blog about the stamp boy and M&M's. You have to go there!!

I am smiling because next week at this time I will be spending time with one of my best friends --- knowing that I am in the company of an absolutely AMAZING woman!

Today I was reminded that the impact of a funny look or dissappointment can mean big things to I need to make an effort to smile more often when working.

Smiling...knowing as I look back at the day...I was able to make a positive impact on someones life.

And I am sure that if I sit here I could continue to think of a lot more reasons to smile. For those of you who have read my blog since it started. This post would be the "good therapy for me" at the end of a tough day that I was referring to in my very first post!

So Keep Smiling--You can find something positive in any situation---It is all in how you look at the situation, perception, attitude, and willingness to find something good worth saying.


Jennifer Carter said...

What an inspiring post Eva! Thanks for sharing that! I really like that card too!

Awna said... are the bomb! Thanks for reminding me that a smile may not be much to me but can change someone elses day in an instant! You rock!!! See you Weds!!!!!!!! YEEEHAWWWW!