Tuesday, June 5


Those who work with me or see me on a regular basis will recognize this photo...they have seen it on numerous occassions. This was one of those "lucky shot" deals. I promised my daughter that I would take pictures of her this year instead of buying school pictures. I waited and waited until one night she comes barreling in saying, "I need pictures for school tomorrow because everyone else is bring theirs to trade". Not wanting to risk the chance of being deemed the world's worst mom...I tell her to comb her hair and get in the back yard. It was great...I took some of the best pictures I've ever taken in my life! Downloaded them to Wal-Mart (which is right around the corner-way to close!!) and in 2 hours we had pictures. What would we do with out Wal-Mart?
As for me, I have been toting this picture around with me for ever (yep, there is one in my office at work too)...a little intimidated that I would mess it up by scrapping it. Finally, about 6 weeks ago I did it- I scrapped it and I still love it! Many are say "Thank Goodness- maybe the woman will move on now!"


Anonymous said...

I love having your ideas on line. It's like you are with us showing us the latest.
Plus, I have no obligation to actually do any of them-- I can just live the creative life vicariously through YOU!
Thanks, Eva!

Eva Costigan's Creative Place said...

Glad to have ya here Patti!

Stephanie said...

Love the picture and the page:) SHe is a beautiful young woman!

Eva Costigan's Creative Place said...

Oh Stephanie that is the scary part!! She is only just going into JR HIGH yeap..I typed the right letters "JR" Thank you--I am a proud MAMA and you will be seeing he as well as the dogs a lot!