Saturday, July 21

Another try at the Moose

Ok, so after the card below, I really started questioning what type of results the minerals spirits thing with pencils would bring. Let me first by start by posting that *****I can actually color inside of the's late after a long day at work and this is really one of the first pieces that I have colored using this technique. Looks good right here next to the text but when you click on the pic and it fills the screen..WOW you can see every little white space I missed AND every little place the color went that it wasn't supposed to go. I am beginning to like this technique a little... Still missing the contrast in color to pop the moose face out but over all for the first time using this technique it ain't so bad :).

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Anonymous said...

It looks great to me! I haven't been able to master this yet. But, you have inspired me to keep trying.