Friday, July 20

Mom- Don't Look!

Seems as though I am late for everything these days! So I had to make my mom a belated card....This moose is one of my favorite TAC images...I actually LOVE the whole set..."My Honey". And tonights challenge...was in the coloring---I used my markers...straight markers no watercoloring. I have been looking through a ton of blogs lately and there are some tremendous illustrators out there that leave me wondering "how did they color that" and "what do they use"???? I think I am understanding the whole Copic marker crazy now...although I won't be jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon...I am pretty sure it is all in the marker. So we will chalk it up to different markers and the ability to "stay in the lines". This was colored with Tombows which are my FAV watercolor marker...they are FABULOUS.

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