Thursday, July 19

Thinking COOL!

With the days being nearly or even over 100 degrees here in
Kansas, all we can do is think and create with the word cool in mind!
This cute snowman is one of my favorite stamps from the new TAC catty...he is adorable! The paper is from TAC as well. He fit perfectly on this tag and I colored him with prisma colored pencils and a dove blender pen.

A fun little story....
My daughter was home the other day and called me in the middle of the day...she was thinking about staying cool as well. She and the neighbor girl were going to make ice cream. I said ok...we had one of those electric ice cream makers that you freeeze the bottom pot...pour your mix in...let it stir for 25 minutes and you have soft serve.
I let her know that she first needed to freeze the bottom pot and asked if she had found all of the other tools to make the machine work- she said she had. I told her to take the bottom part of the machine to the basement and put it in the freezer. With a little hesitancy in her voice she said ok. I thought she was just a little disappointed to know that it would take several hours for the pot to freeze up good but she seemed ok with making ice cream when I came home from work.
That evening I came home and was looking around the kitchen thinking about what to make for dinner. On the cabinet laid the clear piece to the food processor and the blade. It took me a few minutes and I looked again at the counter. I thought "surely not" and chuckled. Sure enough I went down stairs and in the deep freeze was the bottom piece to the food processor siiting there with the cord dangling. I laughed so hard!! Had I been smart I would have taken a picture to scrap book that moment. Her hesitancy had nothing to do with being disappointed it was clearly the thought that her mother had completely lost her marbles telling her to put this thing in the freezer. We later figured out that we sold the ice cream maker at our last garage sale so we went to DQ!
The next great story....has to do with BROWNIES!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! The coloring is amazing. I just love all the colors!

Sandy said...

Absolutely love the tag! And the ice cream story is a hoot!