Saturday, October 27

Enjoy Life....

This is card that I sent into Scott Publications sometime ago that was published...I love this card and thought I'd share it with you. I am currently grieving as I just realized I have 55 TAC sets retiring at the end of the year and if I pull out all the retired stuff I didn't pull out last round...I am probably down to about 5 sets of current stamps...oh well that is the way the cookie crumbles- gotta "Enjoy Life" anyway!! These gals were stamped on white cardstock and then paper pieced. All stamps and paper are from The Angel Company.
I am working on some stuff but I am REALLY going to try to have something Halloweenie up sometime before Halloween occurs....wish me luck with that! He,he.


Nancy Grant said...

Oh... I love this card and stamp set! That's so great that you are published. Wow... that's a whole lot of retiring set. Yikes! I haven't counted all of mine yet.


Laura said...

what a fun card!!! i am no surprised that it was published. love it!