Friday, November 16

Trying To Get Ahead

Despite the fact that I am posting a Christmas project before Thanksgiving...I really am one of those people that likes to wait until after Thanksgiving to start anything that has to do with Christmas but...once again I am running behind and if I post this I can consider myself ahead for just a few short days...haha!
These bulbs are pretty flat so it was easy to stamp the snowflake on with versamark and add the embossing powder and heat. Careful...the glass gets really HOT. Make sure to use the x-static so you do not have excess embossing powder. This actually sparkles so pretty in real life but I didn't manage to capture that in the photo :(
Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving....and for all of you early bird shoppers on Friday morning... "May The Force Be With You!!!!" (and hopefully it is not the force of the crowd behind you shoving you through a door to get to that great bargain!)

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Nancy Grant said...

Wow...that looks so pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.