Saturday, December 8

Stuck On Those Stinkin' Ornaments!

If any of you have been watching the weather channel today you have become familiar with the location of Salina, Kansas...I have heard that they are talking about our ice what does that mean for me...

I am in the house ALONE today...and with the ice...I won't be tempted to wonder to the mall anytime soon. Of course, a little ice didn't stop the husband from heading out to try to find the elusive "BIG Buck" that he shot yesterday but lost while trying to track him. A little ice can't keep a man from the wild! Even when the "wild" is 60 miles away!

This is another of those fabulous clear ornaments from hobby lobby. I love the shape of this one and it is really flat!
I took acetate and stamped on it and then rolled it up and let it go inside of the ornament. The openings on the ornaments are a little small so it is a little tricky. I am sure you have not seen the last of the "ornaments" as I have other ideas to try.

Stamps: Autumn Leaves and Spunky Stamps

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Mary Leeson said...

Eva, this is a beautiful ornament! Gotta see if I can find some of these clear thingys at hobby lobby now,haha! - TFS.