Light Houses

Yes...this looks like the photo that used to be posted below...I took the other one off to replace it with a watermarked one and my lack of patience got the best of me as I was not waiting long enough for blogger to uplpad my photo. Of course, me, thinking that there was something wrong with the site or my machine (couldn't be the operator), decided it best to just try a new here is a different angle than what was posted before...ENJOY!! This is one of my FAVORITE photos from my trip to Lake Erie.

BTW, My blog is staying put!!! I am not removing it at the end of May and by the end of the weekend, I promise new stamped stuff....I have so many new stamps calling my name...I have just been in a little "fizzle" lately and am working at getting back into the swing of things.

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Karla McConnell said...

"BTW, My blog is staying put!!!"


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