Baby's Got.....

The Bat!! Love these sports Hula Bunnies....Sam loved this one....geeze and I can even see a resemblence in the face between Sam and this bunny....I think it is better known as "attitude". So I am doing a few cards here and there for Stamp Lajolla....of course, Awna rocks these bunnies...but I thought I would give 'em a whirl and see what I could do....This one turned out a little more girly---humm I wonder why?
I am completely motivated and inspired by stamps that have to do with things that my daughter likes to do...cause then she likes the end result too. Now all we need is jetski hula's, volleyball hula's, cheerleading hula's, fishing hula and for me a margarita drinkin' hula!!
Stamps: Stamp Lajolla
Paper: The Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby)
"play ball" is from a sticker set that I purchased at HL

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All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

LOVE it! You are rockin' the rabbits girlfriend!

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