Holy Moly!!!

Finally---I am back in business....three trips to the computer shop and I think we have 'er going again. Sometimes in an effort to do the right thing....we make large errors. It seems as though lack of patience got me again. The other night when it was lightening-- I thought "self shut the computer down so you don't loose everything in this storm" well...self listened but had other things to do and got a little antsy and just did a "hard power down" when I couldn't get the "shut down" button on the tool bar to work. Apparently, when that happens...there is a good chance that your computer is talking to itself and taking notes on things--shall we call it "mental health" time for your computer...we'll ---I seemed to have interrupted that process ...so the notes weren't taken correctly and stopped too soon...screwing up the whole system....and I thought that I was the only one who could get screwed up if I didnt take notes and was interrupted :)
Stamps: Stamp Lajolla
Paper: K and Company

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