So Why?

Why do we do what we do? That is one of the questions of the day for me...why do I make cards? That really is a very good question---99% of the time I do not send them to people...nor do I send them off to magazines anymore. I sell a few here and there...but nothing to write home about. Earlier in the day, I started thinking about this question-but it came and went as the activities of the day started in.

This morning one of the ladies in our office let us know that she would be leaving the agency...seems to be pretty typical these days...but this is not just another social worker leaving was one of our supervisors. The announcement came with tears and joy (I am tearing up now). Jana has been in this job for 12 years. Side by side with Mary (our other supervisor) for 12 years. I have had the wonderful experience of working with Jana for the last 9 years. We have watched each others children grow along with all the other adventures in life that have passed our way. People come and go all the time anymore in our line of work...but there are few people that have the amazing passion for children and families as Jana. Jana has always been steady and stable...unshakable in the toughest of situations. She has been the peace maker and voice of reason when things get a little hectic. She is always the one to throw the line out and reel us back in when we get too far from the boat...and she does it with grace, humor and generally a smile on her face. I have never met a more professional individual. I will miss her dearly and I wish her the best of luck. Jana now has the opportunity to take that passion to an even more amazing and wonderful part of the social welfare field. She will get the awesome opportunity to work with children with disabilities 3 and under. This program changes childrens lives forever--we have seen it first hand---over and over...I am so happy for is a dream job for someone with a passion for children and families.

So why do I do I create??---most days---simply for therapy.

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Chris said...

Glad you create...your work is awesome!! :) Send some into magazines again, and good luck!!

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