I Love 'Em!! Oh I was loafing around after work tonight and the Food Network was having a cupcake challenge show....Oh, I wanted to watch but...I was getting hungry and that was not such a good idea when thinking about the over all goal I talked about in my last post!! So I changed the channel and took a little cat nap.

This cupcake came from my recently purchased Stampendous set. Again, I used a Simply Square notecard from Lasting Impressions with the idea of having and extremely easy card...the cupcake frosting matches the coordinating envelope.

Abundance/Gratitude List

1. I am blessed with a hubby that will run all over kingdom come to make sure the girls get to play softball this summer.

2. I am blessed that I am a person that has "enough" and even too much at I know that there are many others who do not have the opportunities that I have or have had.

3. OMG!! We went through old pictures today at work from past things that we have done as a team...I am blessed to have so many great memories that center around work!

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stampinganja said...

Nice card! I have this set so I might just case you.
Sometimes when I am really craving something I shouldn't eat I allow myself to go downstairs and stamp...I can't eat and stamp, I will spill all over the place.LOL
Have a great day, Anja

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