So I Might....

Just miss doing cards for fall and Thanksgiving after all....and fall is my favorite time of year! I have a few pieces and parts on my table...maybe I will get them put together into a card...someday! Anywho....Let's talk Elzybell's!! Elizabeth has decided to change the challenge format to one that is similar to most that you see so today I will be posting two little pieces.

Challenge #7 Card Sketch

This is a sketch challenge...I absolutely LOVE Elzybell's farm animal sets and the clear stamps are EXCELLENT quality! Isn't this little guy ust adorable!!

Here is the Sketch :

Challenge# 8 This challenge is to make a holiday ornament or decoration. I have I told you lately how much I LOVE the color BROWN???? Well, here it is again and I like it just as much for Christmas as I do every other part of the year!

Now if you would like to play along on the challenges you are welcome to do so! I'd love to see what you post a link in the comments section....I'd love to see Elzybell's but if you use something else I'd love to see that as well. If you use Elzybell's you can go to the Elzybell's blog listed to the side in the blog roll and post a link in the comments there so Elizabeth and the whole world can see what you have made.

As for Christmas....I have decided...I am sending store bought cards this year (GASP!!!)...I have made the executive decision to make cards to send as gift sets instead of Christmas cards that will be dumped in the trash when all is said and done. This will let the giving last a little longer! I wish I had more time to do it all but I don't so I have to prioritize which was more important....and the gifts sets won! we have several weeks until we will see what happens. As for posts...if what I am making is a gift...I can't share until after Christmas...I will probably post less than normal (as you can already see) through the first of the year in order to have time to spend at my girls basketball games and still have time for my family. I hope you all savor the moments of the Christmas season as we head into it...BUT FIRST.....Eat lost of turkey...get fat and happy and then SHOP 'TIL YA DROP!!

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