A Little Trendy and Some Coming Soon....

First off, I just have to say that my husband and I attended an amazing Good Friday service tonight. We are attending a small rural church and 3 churches came together from the area for one service. They went through Jesus 7 Last Sayings as he was crucified--and left us lights out on the darkest hour...the time of Christ's death. I know what happens and I am still excited to see what is in store for us on Sunday. One of the biggest things I pulled from tonight is that we are so blessed to have the privilege to know what happened and that it all happened so that we could be granted Salvation and eternal life. But those that were there that day Jesus was crucified had no idea and no hope as Jesus died. And to think we get the honor, privilege and responsibility of knowing the story of Jesus and being able to take it to others. Wow...I don't know that I even summed it up well...just such an inspiring service!!
On another note...I was at my monthly stamp group last night and checked when one of the gals stated that she has finally accepted that brown and pink are a good combo. Of course, I had to input my theory that brown is the new white and I think Sharon nailed it even better...brown is the new black!! That is SO true!
Sorry posts have been a little far between...so much to do so little time....and this is a "down time"---Oh MY!
WHAT'S Coming Soon??
*** Elzybell's Challenge on Thursday...then
***April 17-20th Elzybell's Sneak Peeks for the April Release
If you haven't been to the Elzybell's Blog you need to go over and check it out...Paul Ford is this months Guest Designer and I absolutely love his creations with the farm animals!!

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