More About That Tree

Welp... we are done with softball for the State title this year but the girls played that is all a mom could ask for! I have had a little extra time this week (gasp!). Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and found a great photo album. Yeap that is right a photo album...not a scrapbook! I have decided a couple of things... #1 No one looks at the pictures when they are buried on a CD or hard drive...or box. #2 Scrapbooking is too time consuming and I want my pictures to look at NOW So I am now going to start printing off all my pictures and putting them, with some notes into those cool little albums that have a spot to write in. I spent 2 hours last night downloading pictures from a trip to DC that I took 5 years ago....I have some catching up to do!! Today I was in my Ohio pictures....some of those pics are going to be used as artwork in my house once we get done with the minor work we are doing on the house. (or should I say hubby is doing). I found these two of the eerie orphanage that I was telling you about (there was even a big black crow looking bird on the roof when we were there) and the other is the ful tree. I believe that it is a magnolia tree...a lady here in town has a baby one...the flowers are too small for me to be able to make a 100% ID on the tree...but I am now 95% sure that is what it is...thanks for all the replies!

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