Saturday, October 30

Look For The Good...

Welp...this is all I got. Wasn't sure if I was going to post this one or not, it's just not one of my favorites but it's all I got for now. Haven't been much in the mood for creating this week. Just lots of others things been going on. One of the best things the last few weeks is that hubby and I have been walking together after work. When we dont take the dogs it is a very peaceful stress reliever!

Over the last two weeks, I have watched the changing of the leaves on one particular tree. I so wish I had pictures...maybe I will take one sometime this next week. This tree has had changes daily and for the past two weeks I have enjoyed coming around the corner and noticing the change for the day. It has gone from green with a few yellow patches and a tinge of orange/red. To yellow with a tinge of green on the bottom leaves and the brighter colors on the top leaves. The change has been enough to notice every day but not too much at one time so that we can enjoy it. There was another tree that was one of those quick changers. It turned to that glowing red color without me noticing the changing leaves. This is one of those trees that you know you must enjoy it's beautiful color that day as it could all be gone soon. And with in a few days all of that gorgeous color was on the ground. I caught myself thinking that I want to watch for that one next year to see if I can catch more of the changing process. I started my bucket list this week. First on the list is something I have always wanted to do, east coast during the fall change.

This is one of those posts that ends up being nothing about the card. Oh well. I have just made snowflake cards---I am so hoping I dont have any snow stories to tell when I post them! Not yet!!

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Amy said...

Love the colors you used!