Thursday, November 4

Followers Widget plus Bright and Cheery

Morning, Morning!! I have been trying to add one of those fancy reader things on the side of my know the ones were you can click and then just scroll down and see all the feeds and photos of great stuff. Yeap, well I am a little technologically challenged and the " help" function doesn't seem to be much help. I did however read that I should add a followers widget to my blog to make it easier for people to return and read. That one is easy I will try it. We will see if I can get more than 3 followers,lol.

After a few days, I have decided that I need something a little more bright and cheery when I open my blog. This purple and green card is just a tad more cheery :) :) :). You won't get to see the whole card, hehe, because I forgot to take a full card photo,lol.

Stamps: The Angel Company


Jen Carter said...

This is so pretty! Love the stamps combined with the patterned paper and the glittery center! By the way, I'm follower #4! :)

Terri said...

Pretty Card! Definitely bright and cheery.

Laurie said...

Very pretty! I love the chalked flower! And I am follower #5! ;)

Diane Jaquay said...

Such a pretty card, that flower goes really well with the patterned paper!