Thursday, December 9

Tomorrow, Tomorrow , I Love U Tomorrow....

I know, I haven't updated my blog lately and when I did it was a picture of the neighbors dog {chuckle}. For those of you who come back to check, Thank you for being patient with me :) Basketball has started and all the Christmas stuff to do, like I said on FaceBook someone needs to cue the elves to come help! Tomorrow there will be a new post. I can't post it early cause it is for a blog hop.  One of my goals is to get the few cards I have been able to make photographed and ready to post this weekend. It is on my To-Do List.
As of Monday, Dec 13, life will change again and I will have to adjust to a new schedule of NO internet during working hours {GASP!!!}. Going to have to "schedule" those posts for sure. I am going to have to work a little on my evening and weekend time management to adjust! Tomorrow, new card, I promise :)

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