Friday, December 3

Need to Post...Seeing Red

So the last post, the colors werent all that festive. I went to post some little boxes I made...something more Christmas like. Welp...apparently, I did not load all the pics like I thought I did. I only had one box, which was a complete CASE of someone else's project...right down to the colors. Can't post what's a girl to do???
I noticed this very handsome picture of our neighbors dog. He's red...which makes him Christmassy right??
Isn't he the cutest! His name is McGraw--he LOVES playing ball almost as much as my husband and daughter! He also likes to eat tomatoes off the vine. He stands and watches me pick them off in the summer...I rub them off and he doesnt care if they are red or green. He catches them and then gobbles them right up. He will bring his ball to the fence. Jump up on his back legs and drop the ball on the other side to get you to play with him. I need a dog like him to play ball with....mine just chase squirrels and rabbits which is absolutely no fun for me.

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Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

such a cute face....I adore your tags below...very sweet...have a fabby weekend!

enjoy *~*