Gotta Learn 2 Read~ Wine and Smoke

So the other day I was poking around on one of my friends blogs and noticed she had a great color combo going on. So I went and found the challenge that she was doing~~I looked at the picture and off to work I went...HiHo....HiHo. Here are the colors

And here are a couple of cards I made with the color combo I thought I was supposed to use.
I really like the way this one turned out. It would be a great "man" card...or just a pretty I love you card to anyone for Valentines or any other day of the year.

This second I am not in love with by any means. I love the heart because I put some of those really sparkly SU crystal stones all over it, I like the ribbon and I like the embossing. I am just not so sold on all of those pieces together but as I have said before, maybe someone will be inspired by some piece of it.

The bad news is that I did not "read" and the color challange was actually burgandy, white and TAN.....yes tan?!?! Whoops...LOL. Maybe next weekend-hehe. Still the first one is defintely worthy of a blog appearance, so I had to share!

Stamps: PaperTrey Ink
Ink: Bourdeaux, Charcoal Greay
Paper: Scarlet, Cool Grey, White and Smokey Grey


Amy said...

Eva!! These are gorgeous! I mean GORGEOUS!! I love the guidelines stamping! I think ur colors are perfect and I had no idea until I read the last part of ur post that it wasn't tan!! I think u should still post them over at OTWC....its all in how u interpret the colors!

Jen Carter said...

I agree with everything Amy said!! I love these cards! They are gorgeous and among my favorite cards that you've made!! LOVE the way you used the guidelines set!! LOVE!! I also love how you curved your ribbon on the first card! That is so pretty! You should post them for the OTWC challenge! That sample looks gray to me (not even close to tan!!).

Jen Carter said...

I meant that the OTWC colors look gray to me, not tan! (not your card). I thought that even when I saw the colors posted for the first time!

Kim O'Connell said...

Nice to see you back to blogging and posting your simply GORGEOUS cards! Teh color combo is fabulous and I just love your designs!

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