Spoke Too Soon!

It's July 4th and the fireworks were amazing last night! We made a run to Oklahoma City on Sunday as I received a call that my father went back to the hospital on Saturday. Had a tad bit of a set back on the recovery...fluid around his heart and kidney failure. The doctors have been working on him and things seem to be getting better a little bit at a time. For those of you who are reading, keep the prayers coming, cause they are certainly needed and appreciated.
The fireworks....well as we entered Kansas headed north up I-135 we started to notice more and more fire works as we drove closer to Wichita. I have never seen anything like it...the sky was lit up by sparkle after sparkle. Even at a distance, with the windows up...you could smell the fireworks as we went through the city.  As we drove north to Salina the show continued...Newton, Hesston, Mc Pherson and many farm houses in between. By the time we hit Salina...it had slowed a bit but there were still a few sporadic sightings of tensil in the sky. It was good to see something so pretty in the midst of everything else that has been happening.

Hope you all have a safe 4th of July!


Jen Carter said...

What a spectacular show you were able to see!! I'm sorry your dad is having so much trouble, hope he gets better soon!

Your card is so patriotic! Love the American feel!! Great combination of stamps and accents!! Cute!!

Amy said...

Hope dad is feeling better soon! This is one fantastic patriotic card.....I love your design and that one star in the center with the button steals the show!

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