Updated and Getting Ready!!!

I've spent a little time tonight advancing my knowledge and ability to use technology and updating the look of my blog! I'm pretty stinkin' excited about all that. I'm hoping to slowly roll back into more card making. I've taken a bit of time away to graduate my only child from high school and we are still working on house projects from our move 2 years ago. BUT...I have a great new studio space...it is awesome...and completely done...even the hardware is back on the windows!
I will soon by getting ready for our Annual Winter Craft Day at our church.
This is an event that I started 3 years ago at our little church in the country.
We have a fall craft day and a winter craft day each year...and I'm so excited as I think we will have a full house this time around!
Below are some pictures from our Fall 2013 Craft Day
Shirley making some gorgeous beaded jewelry.

Vicki started this painting the year before and finished it this year by putting her final touch, her signature, on the painting.

Homemade cream puffs folks...I need not say anything more about the serious goodness of the snacks we bring!!

And Barb....Barb has been placing sequins on this stocking.....since the beginning. She says she is bring something new to work on this time!!

Our precious Megan and her awesome Pinterest Project...LOVE this girl!

Sharon's fuzzy Santa.

These wreaths are so awesome....made me a little stamp cash making these this last Christmas!!
Thanks Sarah for sharing the idea!

Happy Little Snowman made from a candle glass...stick a battery operated candle under it and it glows in the dark!

And my sweet friend Sharon...who helps make it all happen. Oh the fun projects she always brings!

That's it for now! Thanks for looking!
Until next time....May you be blessed!

Eva :)

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