New Beginnings....

Happy Tuesday!!
I will start off by saying I haven't done a very good job of meeting my own challenge/goal of posting a card a week on Thursday, yikes! It has been a huge adjustment not having my girl at home and changing jobs! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to find a little bit of me, CREATE...lots of creating, make new friends, spend time with old friends and reflect...all in an amazingly inspiring house!

I realized that over a period of time, I have stopped doing many things that I truly enjoy. 
Many of these things are the activities that have brought peace, joy, and love to my life. 
The women that I spent the weekend with have truly inspired me to take some time to do the things I LOVE
So it's time to stamp and it's time to get the camera back out (it has not been out since graduation day May 2013!!!). Although last night, I did pull the camera out of the drawer I had it so tightly tucked into...these photos were taken with my iphone--but it's a good start!
I also figured out it's good to try new things but I can't do it all!! It's time to focus on a couple of hobbies and just be happy growing and learning in those few things. Too many projects in the fire can be overwhelming and result in no projects being completed. 
I realized too much work is a bad thing!...Especially when one does not get paid OT, LOL! 
A tired Eva is not a creative Eva!!

Thank you God for great friends of gold who offered me a perfectly timed opportunity, what a life saver! Thank you Amy, Laurie and are still Angels {{wink}}.
 Here is to new beginnings and to using the whole box of crayons!
Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn said...

Eva, it was awesome to meet you this weekend. I hope that we get to connect again soon. Here's too new beginnings and time to unwind and craft. xoxo

Jen Carter said...

To new beginnings!! Can't wait to see what all you create!

Amy Kolling said...

I can't tell you how it meant to me to have you there!!! So glad that the timing was perfect and that it gave you the chance to see how much this hobby means to you! Here's to more retreats, friends, and memories!!! xoxo

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