Craziest Thing Ever!

A few weeks ago, my Sam came home from college for the weekend and we decided to take a little road trip. DD, hubs and I jumped in the car and headed to Hesston for The Kansas Barn sale.
We knew it was going to be a little crazy 30 minutes into our drive as a friend sent my DD a message stating she had been waiting for 30 minutes to get into the parking lot.
I can chuckle took us 30 minutes to get down the road to park over 1/2 mile away from the parking lot!!
This was the view as we came across the sale. This is from the road looking straight into the sale. 
And yet, in I went with my daughter who seriously dislikes big crowds!! Hubs is so mild mannered nothing bothers him! 
I will say there were alot of cool things there! 
Below is a shot of the barn...which is AMAZING inside!
It was certainly a festival, people and the smell of food in the air---awesome atmosphere.

Lots of pumpkins and fall STUFF!! And it is was a cool morning!

The picture below is for my friends Sharon and Vicki who love that Ugly Monkey!!
Ugly Monkey everywhere!

Below is the one thing I will attempt to make {{someday}}...This is actually the back of a T-Shirt cool... can you imagine...all those old college or high school t-shirts, what a great re-purposing project!

Next post will be a card and then Ill share a little about Mentor Craft Day!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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