Saturday, June 27

Paper Crafters Unite Against Racism

Ever feel like you just don't know what to do? How to help others feel supported?

I'll be honest and thus lean into being vulnerable. I live in central, almost rural, Kansas. I have always said that I am not racist, but honestly I have never known the term anti-racist until now.  I can guarantee that I have made mistakes, said and done the wrong things and been seemingly non-supportive as I lived like an ostrich with my head in the sand. 
My promise is to learn and find ways to do better and to be more supportive to People of Color. Although this is blog hop is a very, very small gesture, I feel it is a start.
 A small one but a start in the right direction. 
I support YOU and stand with YOU !
Here is my piece of creative to add to this hop. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog! 
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Enjoy the HOP!


Nance said...

Pretty card, Eva. Great embossing.

ksplumlee said...

Great card. WE all need to do our part.

Riikka Kovasin said...

Great card! Hopping along!

Msschuering said...

Love these joined hands. Great card!

Lieve said...

Participating in this beautiful and important blog hop, is a great start ! Thank you for sharing your card.

Lady Joyful said...

This is a lovely design! I totally agree with you about the realisation of probably having made mistakes. The important thing is that we acknowledge it, try to learn from it and be better in future. And as your card says, we're in this together.

HandmadeByTasha13 said...

Firstly, this is an absolutely beautiful card & so impactful!

Secondly, your words are so powerful in their honesty and I think that so many of us have to be vulnerable enough to admit that we have made mistakes. The important thing is that now we are aware we work to change things, starting with ourselves.
You are not alone in this feeling that you had buried your head in the sand, and you aren't the only one learning how to navigate the world with clearer vision.