Tuesday, June 12

Don't forget about Dad!!

Stamps used: Spunky Stamps (www.spunkystamps.com)
Ink: Kaleidacolor Cappuccino Delight

As I am sitting here tonight making this card as a sample, it dawned on me that father's day is this weekend and Oh My Gosh!!! I haven't made or picked out a card for my dad yet...Bad, Bad daughter!!! Nor- have I done anything for my husband for the role he has played in my daughter's life for a very long time now!! So my focus tomorrow besides work...will to be to get "my men" taken care of for Daddy's Day!! If it were only as simple as going to hobby lobby and buying them some colorful ribbon to add to their stash I would have it made!! Hummm, let's see is there a power tool that we don't have that I need for crafting?
My dad has always been my "go to guy" in life when it comes to dealing with life. He has an amazing way of telling me like it is, reassuring me that it will all work out , he helps me to see my accomplishments and is always there for encouraging words. Wow- I never put all that down in writting before--I need to scrap all of that important stuff and send him a great big singing card!!

And with that said-- todays life lesson in stamping is...it is not all about the physical or creative part of stamping something on paper and finishing a project. It's about the thoughts that go into what we are making either before, during or after when creating for someone else. But most of us already know that! And to think this was just to be a simple sample to post on my blog--when in reality it turned out to be a time of reflection on my relationship with my father.


All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

nice card Eva...I should really work on a card for my dad. I just found out this week that he loves to get them from me now. Hard to believe, ol' harley man, LOL!
Thanks for the nudge!

Candi said...

Your cards are way too cute, of course! ;) And - gee, thanks for the link to some more stamps! LOL I LOVE them!!! How much fun!!!!!
Candi :)

Jovita said...

Eva your card is wonderful, I'm sure he enjoyed it... my dad got a store bought card this year and boy did I hear about it! ~ j