Tuesday, June 19

How does THIS happen??

Well it has been a few days since I posted anything...so I thought I better get in gear! Now I have been working but unfortunately it is on some things that I just can't share....cause my creations are goodies for some friends who just might "tune in" to my blog!! So instead of showing you the finished goods I thought I'd share the proof that I HAVE been working--at least tonight anyway!
Seriously...How does this happen??? ---I can't even find the spot on the table where I was working when I put the finishing touch on the last project I was working on. Now I look at it

and I am completely overwhelmed at having to clean it up! It's a good thing Annie, our German Shorthair, is sleepy tonight. She loves my room. Her nose can find things that I haven't seen in years...and she is sneaky enough to be able to get them off the shelf and into the living room for a good chomping!
There are things to be created so off I go to clean ---mess it up---and clean it again!


All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

man, I even enlarged the photos to check for clues before I even read your post, LOL!
Darn you!

Stephanie said...

Have your stamp boy (the one Awna is going to lend you) clean it for you. Then send him my way.

Eva Costigan's Creative Place said...

OMG...you guys are cracking me up..I am so glad I did not just go to bed and try to sleep off my crabbiness...I'd still be crabby if it weren't for the stamp BOY!

Sandy said...

So glad I'm not the only one with a mess like that---I can barely see the surface of the table!

Stephanie said...

That me this morning! My desk had gotten sticky from all the glue I was using so I finally just had to stop and get things in order.