Sunday, June 10

Spunky Stamps

I love the name of the website that these stamps come from...everyone needs a "Spunky Stamp" or two or three or four! Yesterday was a pretty productive day...I was able to finish 12 card samples for submissions to magazines. Worked my stamp'n fingers to the bones! I didn't get much done today though as I decided to nap most of the day away. Of course, now I am up because I slept all day--and I wonder why I dread Monday mornings!! My next projects will be to finish up some projects for some great gals that I will meet up with in KC at the end of the month. I better get busy!

1 comment:

Awna said...

I agree...eveyone needs spunky stamps...too bad my stamping account is empty right now :)
Great card, as always!