Saturday, June 9

Reverse Masking and Water Color Markers

Here is an example of water color markers used on glossy card stock.
1. Stamp your image and allow time to dry on the glossy cardstock. Heat set if you like.
2. On a pad of post it notes stamp the same image several times on several different pieces.
3. Cut out sections of the image that will be colored the same colors ( here I cut all of the brown spots out of the post it note. Then I used another post it note and cut out the places where I was going to use green marker).
4. Stick mask over image stamped on white glossy card stock.
5. Apply water color to latex make up sponge by coloring onto the sponge with the marker. Tap sponge on scrap paper and then on masked image. (It is much easier to add more ink ..can't take it off if you get it to dark :) ). Repeat until desired effect is achieved. (all the tapping i.e. pounding is a great stress reducer!!)

The hat was done by starting with a yellow marker and then moving to a light green marker and finally a darker green marker. Darker colors being on the outside edges of the image. Layering color using this technique is a little tricky and takes practice but it is well worth it once you get the hang of it.

The first few times that you do this work with big open spaces..instead of little bitty spaces. This will help you get more comfortable with the technique.

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