Sunday, August 19

Brownies By Sam

Do you remember learning how to bake and the first experience you had making something all by yourself...with no one home from scratch? About a month or so ago, I was 100 long Kansas miles from home at a training when my phone rang. It was my daughter asking where she could find the baking powder. Being the mom that I am, my response was "what are you making?". She responded that it was a surprise. After a few moments of going back and forth trying to pry it out of her she finally gave in and told me she was making brownies from a recipe. I started to panic a little as she had not experimented with baking while I was in the home more less, 100 miles away. I reminded her how far away I was and that I prefer not to see a fireman outside of the house when I arrived home. I then asked if she knew how to turn on the temperature for the oven. A long silence occurred and I instructed her through this piece as well as turning on the timer. I prompted her to read the measurements well and one more warning not to burn down the house was given before I returned to class. The phone rings 35 minutes later...still worrying..I leave class and answer--"Mom, They taste NASTY"--no time for talking since I was in class (only wanted to know that the house wasn't on fire!!), I called her back on my way home. My first question to her was "did it turn out really tall like a cake"? She said yes it did...when asked how much of that baking powder she added she responded....are you ready????.....1/4 cup. I laughed and told her that this was the problem. Being 12 she promptly began to argue with me, imagine that. I had her get the recipe out.....again, I heard silence and then a chuckle from the other end. She then read 1/4 tsp...and we both laughed. Later on we also figured out that she had put in 1/2 cup of salt. EWWW!! My husband stopped that night at the store and picked up more ingredients. And I will say the next batch turned out PERFECT! Very Good! And she did it all by herself!!
The pictures above are of an apron that I made for her --- there were a few more baking experiments this summer....and the picture of the "fallen brownies". I was just proud of her for trying something new!


Nancy Grant said...

That's quite a story... Thanks for sharing. I am happy that her brownies finally turned out.

Sandy said...

What a great story! :)

MintStamps said...

well, if the house is still standing, it was a successful experiment. good for her for trying. my daughter has given up baking because her sisters refuse to eat it anymore. jeez, make one lopsided cake and people become critics!

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

too funny :)