Saturday, August 11

It's that time again....

On Thursday, school will be starting again and everyone here is excited. My daughter, the soon to be Jr. High student is looking forward to the same school and same friends, she is in a rural K-12 school that we all LOVE! She is looking forward to all the new exciting things such as new classrooms, a new part of the building to wonder around in, new teachers, some new students and the ability to officially play sports for the school that she attends.

I am looking forward to another year with a wonderful husband and child. I am ready for crisp and cool Friday night football games, being the biggest (or shall I say loudest) fan at my daughters volleyball and basketball games, racing to make it to the bus stop on time and since we attend a rural school- seeing everyone that I have not seen over the summer.

As we embark into this year's journey, I am making a pledge to spend more time on God, family and myself. I also need to take some time to focus on excelling at the job that I do and rekindling a passion for it. For the first time in a few years, I am not working 2 jobs and demoing. I am down to one job and no demoing. So this should make my new goals easier to accomplish. I have have joined a new stamping group and look forward to the FANTASTIC relationships with these ladies that I will be spending time with and getting to know. There is so much to look forward to!

With all of this said, I am committing to trying to update my blog once a week and spending a little less time surfing the internet/posting to boards etc. Card making has been fabulous for me but I now find myself making cards and piling them in a box. I will still make cards but I hope to focus on very simple scrapbook pages and then little things like gifts and projects for others- to keep the supplies well used. And , OH MY!!!...3-4years ago when I started stamping- I was "caught up" to with in 1 year of my pictures being all scrapbooked. Now- I am 4-5 years out again, have thousands of pictures on my computer, and boxes stuffed with prints- I really look at the mess and know I just need to sit down and sort again but--- it is a SCARY MESS- I need to get busy!

Life changes the last 6 months have been challenging BUT there is so much promise and hope in the future that the challenges will be worth it....Fall is my most favorite time of year and this year I want to savor every moment that I can!
So here is to making more memories with the family (and photos), Jr. High sports, football (did I really put that in?- for the record I boycott NFL- I am a college and HS Prep girl only!!), cool temps, new friends and living life again!

What are you looking forward to at this time of year?


MintStamps said...

Thank you. And this one is just lovely. Very nice.

Mo Moss said...

Very nice card I think it is great that you are going to spend more time on the things that you want and need most. God is always with you so give Him some time. Congratulations on your daughter climbing all the way to ninth grade. It is a exciting time for her I am sure. Tell her to do good work and she will be back having the summer off in no time~~~~~

Jennifer Carter said...

Beautiful card Eva! Good luck on your goals. It sounds like you have your priorities set very well!

Heather Devino said...

Hey Eva! So glad you are going to be committing more time to scrapping. I like to make cards but I find scrapbooking so satisfying. I have tons of albums for my daughter and she loves them! I hope your kids do too. Hope you share your pages. I would love to see them. I'm looking forward to my daughter's first year of school and going back to school myself. Here's to "new beginnings"! Heather :)