Sunday, August 5

You wanna what?

Lord, Grant me the ability to accept the things I can not change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. This is my wonderful soon to be JR. High student- Sam. Tonight she has been at the neighbor's house while she was cleaning out her closet getting ready for school. Sam comes in all excited about the new clothes...even excited for me because now I don't have to buy her new jeans....thank goodness because after the price of the tennis shoes...I can't afford to put pants on the child...but her feet will be warm! Anyway...she goes in her room and tries these clothes on for me and comes out "look'n like this"...since I have been looking at music tracks all after noon Dolly's song..."why'd you come in here look like that" comes to mind. "Can I wear this to school?" she mom's what would your response be? If I would have bought the boots for her she wouldn't have wore them...if we were at the store together and I had even suggested them---I would have got the famous "look"....but since they were in her best buddies closet first...they are worth the price of gold. As my dear friend Awna is probably going to say...It could be worse she could try to express her individuality with piercings and tattoos! I am thinking jean shorts would be cuter though :) She's such an AWESOME kid...I am so blessed to have her!

Oh and the food processor from the "ice cream' story still works...tried it out this weekend. I chuckled again when I pulled it out of the cabinet!

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Mo Moss said...

Mo Moss said...

She looks so cute to me. She will be fine in those boots. When my daughter was a teenager, Her dad and I decided we would give her a clothing allowance. If she wanted to blow the whole thing on one outfit, so be it. That was a monthly clothing allowance. I would never dare put the whole thing in her hands. The skirt is adorable. Don't worry in three weeks she will have changed her mind a dozen times.

August 6, 2007 4:45 PM