Saturday, October 6

Boss Day- Coming Soon!

Ahhh...this is one of those projects I am soooo happy to have done. Our agency CEO and others will be coming to visit our unit and in honor of bosses day everyone decided we should do something for those that are coming to visit. So we will fill these gems up with candy that has color coordinating wrappers and the BIG bosses will have a candy jar with agency mission statement on it that they can keep in their office. Now that the stress is over I can go back to regularly scheduled stress :).
1.) Athletic coaches that really support my daughter's growth not only in sports but as an individual young lady.
2.) Being able to sleep till 8 this morning and and hopefully 9 tomorrow morning.
3.) Family night and a daughter who still thinks that it might be fun! Off to eat pizza and watch movies...


Candi Dierenfield said...

It is not posted yet... but I am tagging you! :) I have two "E's" to fulfill! LOL

Dawn said...

These are really really pretty..

My Paper World said...

They look great, love the cards on your blog too!