Sunday, October 14


I feel like I took the week off...from something...not sure what...I went to work...and I know all too well that I had to be parent this week...but I am not sure what else I accomplished...I know it was not updating my blog in the middle of the week!
The photo is a little crooked--so bend your neck a tad and the card will look straight he,he!

Supplies all from The Angel Company.


Dawn said...

Very nice card. Your aloud to take time off ya

Gwen Z. said...

Simply fabulous! Did you stamp the white flower? It is stunning!

I am sure your family is glad to have some time with you! Remember to stop and smell the flowers, if you wait to long the flowers turn in to compost!

I feel like we are all in the same boat!

Nancy Grant said...

Ooooo... so neat!!! I love your design!

Rita Holmes said...

I love this card Eva. What a great way to stamp the flowers.